Magnetic Gaussmeter

GM-2 - The DC Gaussmeter is a very accurate instrument useful in measuring the DC magnetic field intensity of magnets, magnetic devices and assemblies, as well as relays, electromagnets, motors, generators, loudspeakers, actuators, ferrite content in non-ferrous materials and more. Typical applications include magnet classification, analysis of magnetic circuitry and components, air shipment inspection, measurements of the earth's field vectors, mapping and recording field perturbations, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and measuring residual fields.


Color Black
Thickness of probe 1.2mm
Dimensions 300mm x 250mm L x 100mm
Weight 700gms.
Resolution 1G at 0-2KG range
Display 3½digit LED
Power Supply ±10%, 50 Hz AC, 220 V
Transducer Hall probe-InAs