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Magnetic Instruments

GM-2 - The DC Gaussmeter is a very accurate instrument useful in measuring the DC magnetic field intensity of magnets, magnetic devices and assemblies, as well as relays, electromagnets, motors, generators, loudspeakers, actuators, ferrite content in non-ferrous materials and more. Typical applications include magnet classification, analysis of

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Will magnetize Alnico 5 up to 2" x 3" long and Ceramic 5 upto 2" x 2-I/2" long (typically used for alnico]. Connects to standard I20 VAC (50/60 Cycles, I4 Amps) outlet. Adjust tapered pole shoes (up to 4" gap) to fit magnet length.

The following magnetizing forces are recommended by magnet manufacturers for various magnetic

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POLEINDO1 : Simply point the North-South pole indicator toward the magnet and read the pole letter in the Q viewing hole. No batteries required.

POLEINDO2 : The electronic North-South pole indicator features LED lights to identify' pole locations. Includes pocket clip, on/off switch and four LR44

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